Understanding Delivery Settings


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Went through this wonderful article that twisted1919 wrote. Still trying to grasp the exact math of the delivery settings. If we use this example settings:

campaigns at once: 10
subscribers at once: 100
parallel sending: yes
campaigns in parallel: 5
subscriber batches in parallel: 3

Scenario 1:
If we send 10 campaigns concurrently, the delivery rate will be 1st 5 (1st-5th) campaigns x 100 subscribers x 3 batches = 1500 per minute, then 1500 for the 2nd 5 (6th-10th) campaigns the next minute and alternates all the way? So mathematically, each campaign sends at 300 per 2 minute, or 150 per minute?

Scenario 2:
If we send 1 campaign only with the same settings, the delivery rate will be 100 subscribers x 3 batches = 300 per minute?