Undeliverable emails added in blacklisted emails

Don't see any changes.

Moved this lines from hard to soft part:
    '/spam scale/i',
                '/junk mail/i',
                '/message filtered/i',
                '/rejected by spam-filter/i',
                '/Content reject/i',

But no difference. For example I am seeing this yahoo bounce reason:

smtp;553 5.7.1 [BL21] Connections will not be accepted from xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx, because the ip is in Spamhaus's list; see http://postmaster.yahoo.com/550-bl23.html

The term is added only to Soft bounce rules and still the same.
Pretty weird, i have ran some tests and it catches them as soft bounces just fine.
I think i have to run more tests, but just on monday since i have lost already too much time with this.