Unable to use key post new update installation

kiran prasad

New Member
  • It seems this application does not use a license key which suggests it actually is a nulled application which is illegal to use.
    Keep in mind that nulled apps contain backdoors and exploits that can allow full access to this server.
    Please make sure you install a proper copy of the application as soon as possible. Once you do this, this message will go away.
    Thank you.
Seem to be hitting this error now, I have tried to uninstall, reinstall, uninstall, reinstall, uninstall and reinstall and still stuck.

Please advice !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After you install the app, and go to backend, even if you get this message, you can still login in backend. So login, and go to backend > settings > License info, and enter your info once again, with proper data, and save the details.
Also, make sure at https://www.mailwizz.com/customer your license info is up-to-date.
Problem is that it has not even completed the installation, I was at the Database setup page, and it just went for a toss. I just updated the new IP address of the server in the allowed IP address section
I think what happens is that in the database import step, being a longer process, your web server gives up and you end up with a partial import of data, that is why it complains about your license.
Try another server, best thing you can do.