Unable to upload PDF in File manager

I'm trying to link to a PDF uploaded via the file manager and I get the error:

Unable to upload "This is a test document.pdf".
File type not allowed.

It is in the list in the backend Settings/Campaigns/Attachments


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The file manager is very strict, what you can do, create a file called init-custom.php on your server, for mailwizz, in the /apps/ folder and in it, place this content:

Yii::app()->hooks->addFilter('ext_ckeditor_el_finder_options', function($options){
    $options['roots'][0]['uploadAllow'][] = 'application/pdf';
    return $options;
(so the file will be /apps/init-custom.php )

Then save the file and try again, this time you should be able to upload pdfs.