Unable to retrieve the TXT records for your domain name.

I have done everything. I have waited 3 days. I have manually verified and it works. See links and images:

How can this be fixed?


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With some dns admin, you need to leave out the " or ;
In any case, you can simplify your spf record to minimize queries, but need to set it correctly (on some test tools your spf does not come up at all, same for dkim), and mwz probably uses the SPF query only, while the TXT-SPF is now used often.
https://www.whatsmydns.net/#TXT/windfalldeals.com (empty)
https://www.whatsmydns.net/#TXT/mailer._domainkey.windfalldeals.com (empty)
https://www.nslookuptool.com/#TXT&windfalldeals.com (empty)
https://www.nslookuptool.com/#TXT&mailer._domainkey.windfalldeals.com (empty)
Once it comes up correctly upon the correct query, you've got it ;)
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I will give that a try, I am with GoDaddy. Any other suggestions?
See in their help section which records to use how.
Also, afterwards, perhaps check with the tools/links above, but also the whole domain like here:
Perhaps unlisting is necessary as well.