Unable to confirm SendGrid account - new install


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I have a new install of MailWizz and I'm trying to add my SendGrid account. I never receive the verification email and there's no record of an attempt to send it in my SendGrid account activity log. I've enabled debugging mode in MailWizz and it throws no errors in the debug log or when adding the account/sending the verification email.

I've verified the SendGrid account works as expected by using the same API key via cURL in bash. I receive the test email and see the logs in my SendGrid account. I've also added a test SparkPost API account to MailWizz which works as expected. I've also added my SendGrid account via SMTP using the same API key as password (per SendGrid article) and it too works as expected. Because of all this I'm led to believe there's an issue with the SendGrid API configuration in MailWizz.

Can you please let me know what can be done to resolve this? I can provide you with whatever log file you'd like.


PHP version: 7.0.22
Ubuntu version: 16.04.1
MailWizz version: 1.4.9