Two or more customers sharing a single quote

Maybe put them both in a group ?
Really? :eek: OMG!
So all this time I was using this feature in a wrong way. I use GROUPS as PLANS. Example: I have a group named "10.000 emails" and I share it to all customers that can send 10.000 emails per month. I really need change it ASAP. Thank you!
This is also correct. Each customer in a group has it's own quota and permissions and so on. It is the correct usage.
Sorry, I got lost now. So if each customer in a group has it's own quote, how is it possible to share a quote based in a group? There is a customer that want to have two different logins sharing the quote. E.g: in a quote of 10k emails per month, a login could send 9k and another 1k, next month, one would send 6k and another 4k. Got it?