Troubleshooting Mailbox Monitor


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I'm having an issue with my Mailbox Monitor that is preventing it from processing unsubscribe emails. Despite setting up the mailbox credentials and related settings, including having the "email-box-monitor-handler" cron job run successfully every 10 minutes, the Mailbox Monitor isn't processing any of the unsubscribe emails currently present in the mailbox.

Where can I find the logs to investigate why the Mailbox Monitor isn't working?


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Try to increase the value of Days back to higher value like 30 from Backend->Settings->Cron->Settings for processing email box monitors. You can also check what the email-box-monitor-handler is doing by following this article:


Thanks! I manually ran the email-box-monitor-handler cronjob with --verbose=1:

[2023-05-04 14:01:38] - Start processing...
[2023-05-04 14:01:38] - Processing with PCNTL!
[2023-05-04 14:01:38] - Started processing server ID 1.
[2023-05-04 14:01:38] - Searching for results in the "INBOX" mailbox...
[2023-05-04 14:01:38] - Opening the IMAP connection.
[2023-05-04 14:01:38] - Connection opened successfully!
[2023-05-04 14:01:38] - Searching using following search string: UNDELETED SINCE "01-May-2023"
[2023-05-04 14:01:38] - Found 0 search results.
[2023-05-04 14:01:38] - Found 0 results.

The issue was that all the unsubscribe emails were received before 01-May-2023.
That is why I said to increase days back to a higher value. Your running was made with 3 days back .