Translate campaign form send to a friend


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Hi, I'm working with version translated into Spanish language.

I have the form to send the campaign to a friend translated in the file campaigns.php, which they were generated from previous versions.

The problem is that when you upgrade to this version does not take the translations.

Any solution, or maybe this is already fixed in the current version


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@ChFlores - you could use to generate all the translation files as described here (it's automated) and then compare the two files, maybe there's some strings missing ;)


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Hi, thanks for your answer!

This he says is not the problem .. all the strings are generated, as indicated before.


Other idea?


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Hello ... as explained above, ... the form to send the campaign to friend not take translations despite the strings exist in the file campangins.php


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Mailwizz eliminates system support via ticket and sends here!!!
Where is the support?
This thread is open for two weeks !!!