Translate campaign email based on subscriber custom attribute


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Hi wondering if it is possible to dynamically send a campaign message to a subscriber based on a custom attribute.

i.e. if attribute is 'en' then they would get an english version of campaign email. if 'de' then they would get a german message.

I know it may be possible by just creating separate lists for each language, but was hoping maybe i could use one list.
You can create a segment for the en language and one for the de language, and send two separate campaigns to same list but different segments.
Ok if we already have a segment for a different attribute would it be possible to have sub-segments?
i.e first segment categorizes customers by product. next segment categorizes by language.

Actually I'm thinking its easier if we can just multi-select the segments in the campaign setup. i.e. subscriber must be part of 2 segements (iphone product + de lang segments = german message for iphone) I hope in future that can be a feature as that would solve this use case.

Update: for anyone who has same issue. i think the solution preferred by mailwizz is to just add in additional conditions for the segment. so guess multi select isnt really needed. You can increase amount of conditions in backend if needed too.
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