Transactional Emails fail to send


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Thanks in advance for the great platform and support guys.

It seems to be a common problem on the forum but no resolution to it for the current version.

There is a system smtp account available.
No transactional email goes out.
The output of the cron job is blank.
Attempted to debug the script with no output - the script has changed since the last posted version instructions.

When you say they don't go out, they stay in unsent status, or they change status but don't arrive?
You could try to open the file /apps/console/commands/SendTransactionalEmailsCommand.php and at line 41 you have:
$offset = (int)Yii::app()->options->get('system.cron.transactional_emails.offset', 0);
You can try to make it:
$offset = 0; // (int)Yii::app()->options->get('system.cron.transactional_emails.offset', 0);
Save the fke then run the send-transactional-emails command from command line instead of waiting for it to be ran from the cron.
If this doesn't work either, then it means your issue is in the settings.
i just went through everything again including the settings, i cant find what could be wrong - i have a delivery server active that is free for the system. And i tested it works by itself.
Status remains unset. I used your adwise ($offset = 0; // (int)Yii::app()->options->get('system.cron.transactional_emails.offset', 0);)
It doesn't work. How can i fix it???


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