Tracking stats by api

@laurentiu thanks but I know perfectly the api docs page and are useless!!!! I need the opens, click, the global bounce about campagin etc etc.
Get a single campaign? -> No, return only few information!
Get campaign tracking? -> No, because return a track about a specific subscriber, not the stat about the campaign.
@wasabi - that's true, we don't have api endpoints for tracking stats, but that doesn't mean you can't implement them yourself if you need them, it's very doable.
@twisted1919 - I prefer don't touch your yii project. I dislike to have this approach because after every mailwizz update I will lose the changes.
If I implement it, then you integrate it into the mailwizz major release? I do not think so and I think you still want to check my code. I'm sure it's easier and faster than you do because you have a global vision of project.

Can you give me a solution that helps both you and me?
Oh, but if you add your own controllers into the API, they will be safe at upgrades, this is why i advised you this in the first place.
Mailwizz's core api offers basic functionality, then anyone who needs more, or special use cases, can just throw in their own controllers and then connect to those from the api.
I too am very keen on an external tracking solution and a way to let those of my clients who I am managing campaigns for access their stats conveniently in real-time (i.e. via Google Data Studio).

Has there been a solution yet? I'm not a developer and wouldn't know where to start w/ the API...