Tracking Issues

Vpul Shah

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Hello Alex,

Have you assigned your Tracking domain with delivery server ?

Can you open your Email and see Links are clickable or not with your Tracking domain.




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@alexSV - let's see a test result with links and all that so we can take a look.
Please keep in mind the stats on that page are cached, so it might take a while for them to update.


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yes i am aware of that, but its been days.. also i did check and it does says that tracking link is broken, but the thing is i set it how it supposed to be..
Hi team

I'm having an issue with tracking. After setting up new domain and tracking domain, choosing "yes" to open tracking and "url" tracking - i still get 0's

what could that be ?

thanks in advance..
looks like it having issue with hosting , with some hosting its take few min to show opens and clicks , as i seen that opens also not showing, that means something wrong with config hosting !


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@alexSV - i have seen the mail-tester result. Your domain setup is not ready for using tracking domains, so you might as well not use that feature.
This has been explained several times, in order for tracking domains to work, when you access the tracking domain, you have to see mailwizz's pages, like you do when you access the regular domain when mailwizz is installed.