Tracking issues in 1.9.24, upgrade to 1.9.25.

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Seems that in our rush to get things done and exclude robots and ip ranges from tracking for opens and clicks, we were too restrictive and now in some cases, opens/clicks will not be tracked in 1.9.24.

We now released 1.9.25 which basically removes this feature from the app and addresses some other small bug fixes and composer package updates.

Explanation to what is going on in 1.9.24... where, at least we learned a valuable lesson, do not rush things, no matter what.
The approach to exclude robots from open/click tracking is not good. Nor blocking ip ranges from various ESP providers.
Yahoo/Gmail/Etc, they all are using image proxies to trigger the open pixel when someone opens the email from the web interface. They don't do the same when you open the email from your email client, be it on the phone or laptop.
So when people open the email from the web interface, if we block robots or IP ranges, then we block these opens, which is a bad idea, because even if the open has been done by a robot, it has been initiated by a human, and it should be properly tracked.

That being said, we will streamline the above process over time and introduce changes to it only, and only when we are 100% sure we have covered all cases, we can't really break tracking for people, like this.

Our apologies for the issues this created.
Thank you.
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