Tracking Domains.


Hi guys,

I've been setting up tracking domains for my SMTP's, but my tracking domains won't cooperate.

The tracking domains have been added and "verified" with the CNAME record pointing to my main domain. (Using Cloudflare so DNS changes are pretty instant and I've checked that)

But when sending a test Email and I click any link I just get:

"Not Found
The requested URL /mail/campaigns/os5035jkxw02e/track-url/rc668y6tya4e1/7bc4ed6ff11ff435bc7d9ec48fa548d09242c42f was not found on this server.

I had it working earlier but can't get it to work again. I've tried both with and without HTTPS in the scheme and as system url's but no luck.
It is working fine without tracking domain...

Mailwizz is installed at and tracking domain is setup as a subdomain.

Did I miss something or what can be done? :rolleyes:o_O (@twisted1919 @frm.mwz )
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Tracking domains are only applied when sending the campaign. They are NOT used when sending a test email.
It was a real sending - Not a "Test template" sending or otherwise.

I can also see that the tracking domain is applied as it should. It just dont work when I click on the links where it returns the above error.

Which is why I am asking in here after a couple of hours with no luck :confused:
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@Emil - Well, this kinda means your server is not ready to handle tracking domains.
Mailwizz has to be default app on the ip address, so basically when you enter your ip server ip address, you should see mailwizz. If you don't, then you need further work.

That might explain why. Currently, I have it installed in a subfolder in public_html. Like

But It needs to be placed directly into public_html? Right now if I enter my IP I see the CentOS-Webpanel test page.

But I seem to remember it should be possible as It was explained somehow in the help articles that it could be installed into a folder if Wordpress etc was installed.

Edit: <- Where I read about that It could be installed into a folder in root.

Currently got it "half-working" with a redirect in .htaccess in the tracking domains root. But not a really good solution tho.
That's awesome, can we actually get the ip, domain and tracking domain so we can check from here ?
DNS and server - BOTH - need to be set so they have the correct instructions.
DNS needs cname (the map so the request can be guided to your hotel) and server needs park/alias domain (so the concierge can point to the suite) , then you can have as many apps as you wish on one IP and each app's tracking will work perfectly fine ;)
It was a problem in vHost in Apache that wouldn't show http://myip/mail. Fixed after editing the apache configuration file.
Exactly, and now the web server ( = concierge) can point to the resource ( = suite = mwz) correctly.
If you have cpanel, you can do the parking from the whm end (more powerful) than if you try from the cpanel end.
The more you play with this, the more clear it will become. The real problem is the misinformation out there, that cname alone is enough (which it is not).
Yeah, I've been using Mailwizz for a while and only had small issues that could be solved pretty quickly with help from here :)

The weird thing with this was that https://myip/mail was working. And both http and was working also :p

However, not using cpanel. Running the lovely Centos with CWP. :) But thank you for the replies. Really appreciate it.
However, not using cpanel.
Yeah, swanky, but costs, and not everyone needs the quality.

Running the lovely Centos with CWP.
Which makes sure the components work well together, and has a number of web server options, but not so good with parking and alias. And as cpanel, more cumbersome when many domain or mbx changes are needed.

The free panel that makes domain and mailbox changes quickly scriptable and comes out of the box with fast nginx is vesta ;)
i have the same issue.
i installed mailwizz on a subdomain http://mkt.***.com , all looks good but tracking don't work.

cname on tracking is pointing to mkt.***.com and it's full propagated

what changes do you recommend? centos 7 with vestacp

To add to the above, in some cases, you can add the tracking domain as a domain alias for your main domain, this will make sure things work perfectly fine. But only if the above failed.