tracking domains are not working


i am wanna 20 delivery servers in mailwizz. in order smooth functioning, i wanna use 20 tracking domains [i wanna do url rotation]. To setup that i have created proper dns record in all domain's dns zone.
i.e.- cname

after that i have added tracking domains in mailwizz and all done successfully.

now when i am trying to verify my sending server i am getting following error.

" 404 Not Found
Please forward this error screen to's WebMaster.
The server can not find the requested page:
  • (port 80)".
screenshot is also attached with this thread. please go through with that, if needed.

can anybody help me out regarding this issue? i have setup tracking earlier, never seen this issue.


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You know your tracking domains work when you access and you get the mailwizz pages. If you don't get this, it means you didn't do all the setup properly or maybe the domain where mailwizz is installed is not the default domain hosted on that ip address.