Tracking Domain errors


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I need help with this glitch or my setup i did wrong..

I am getting this error and the only way to add the tracking link in the system without the error is to point it to the IP address. BUT then the link doesnt work unless i point the CNAME to the server domain once its been added to the system......
Basically, the system ONLY lets me add it without giving me an error if i point CNAME to the IP address. But the tracking link only WORKS if i point CNAME to the domain.....


Please note that because of the way DNS servers work, you need to add a subdomain like as a DNS CNAME record and point it to!
Name *
Cannot find a valid CNAME record for! Remember, the CNAME of must point to!

my workaround has been to point them to the IP. Once i add them in the system i change the CNAME to the domain so the links work..... but I need to fix it right. Thanks.
yes when i point it to the domain MW is installed on I get the error that i must be pointed to the IP address. This is what confounds me.
@dave - mailwizz detects the hostname from your php setup, so if you get back an ip address instead of a hostname there has to be something wrong with the php/apache setup.
First though, have a look in backend -> settings -> system urls, and make sure they point to your current hostname.