Track video plays into Wistia stats


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Hi, is this possible with Mailwizz:

It seems like something simple but you tell me!
If is possible can you give more details to do the same thing but with Mailwizz, thank you.

I ask this to Wistia and the answer is:

As long as you're sending folks to a page with a Wistia embed, you can simply tack on a ? section to the end of a link. The real magic with the email marketing embeds we have, such as the merge tags for MailChimp, are that they automatically sub in the recipient's email to the link, so you can individually track folks when sending a link to a video to an entire list of folks. All the other email marketing embeds share this concept of "merge fields" that populate dynamically based on who is receiving the email. If you have something like that, you can use the same formula that our other embeds use, just subbing in your own merge tag:

<a href="[Email]"><img src="" alt="The Wistia 2014 Recap" width="800" height="450" /></a>

That's the Ontraport version. Notice the ?wemail= part of the link there. That's where the magic happens.

The example you got is perfectly fine and works in mailwizz.
Just keep in mind that mailwizz tags are uppercased, so instead of you need to use [EMAIL], but other that that, everything else applies, you just create your campaign template and edit the link you need and add the ?wemail=[EMAIL] param at the end, simple.