Total amount of contacts in any plan, how to calculate them


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I've been searching for info on how MailWizz calculates the total amount of contacts in a client account. In my understanding, bounces and unsuscribed don't make it in the total amount allowed in any plan, but i'm not sure about Blacklisted emails.

I'm taking a look in one of my clients accounts, that has a total of 5.000 contacts to use. Currently, mailwizz says that she is 5.000 of 5.000 contacts used (100% quota), the total beeing 11k contacts under the first page in her account. I went ahead and filtered under the contacts/suscribers page to show me all contacts in all of her list, only the unique ones, beeing the total 3969 Confirmed Uniques, so that left us with arround 1k contacts to use instead of beeing a full quota account. The only possible answer to me is that Blacklisted emails also count in the total amount of contacts since if i filter them they are 1015 contacts.

There's no emails under: Pending, Not approved, Disabled and Moved.
And there is 138 Unsuscribed.

Hope anyone can enlighten me about this,
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MailWizz will count all emails in the system against the customer quota. Be them confirmed / unsubscribed / blacklisted / etc.