Today's API downtime


Staff member

Today, our servers provider, DigitalOcean, had a hardware failure which affected our main database server that is used by our API.
This affects a few operations, like license validations, license reset and more.
When we were notified about the issue, we restored most recent backup to a new server and used that to continue and fulfil API requests, so while there was a downtime, it shouldn't be more than one hour.
In order for us to avoid future issues like this, we moved our database inside a cluster of 3 nodes, so that from now on even if a single node will go down, we'll still have two responding to your queries.

We apologise for any inconvenience this has caused.
Thank you.
Thanks for letting us know. Who would be affected by this? Anyone trying to install MW for the first time? Or anyone with an existing installation - it would stop running because it couldn't verify the license key? Just trying to understand... thanks @twisted1919 !