Tired of banned IP address


I think I'm getting tired of having to setup a server, install Mailwizz, send email and after no more than 1 week my server IP is blacklisted by Gmail or Spamhaus. I even setup 5 servers to rotate and it's still not working.

Is there any recommended 3rd part mailing servers that can help in bulk emailing?
you known that the problem isn’t the “mailing server”..... or seriously?
Gmail and each ISP have own rules on bulk email and you can avoid RBL listing only with a good warm up plan ( eg. New fresh IP, forgot to send 1M/mail at first day. You can reach this value only with a good warm up )
Check this link


And search for Gmail ( or other isp ) the “bulk guidelines”, follow the guidelines and go ahead with your warm up plan.

I hope you can reach your goal