Throttled sending



I have another different question.
Currently we throttled sending from our sending servers end.
But I wonder if we can set throttled sending from mailwizz because I didn't see that in backend area.
Let's say I want to send 10K emails and limit it to send 1K/day for a specific customer which spreads to all sending servers. Is this possible?

You could assign delivery servers to that customer and set a hourly quota to that servers so that it reaches no more that 1k/day.
Yes I already know that option.
The problem is, we want to send at 9am for every 1K.
That means another 1K will be send the next day at 9am too.
So all subscribers will receive at about 9am or so.
It's not possible to do that on current option (hourly quota).

I think it's a great idea if you can set the option not only hourly quota but add more options such as daily quota or weekly maybe?

I'm thinking about two dropdowns option, first dropdown is the number and the second one is time option (minute (maybe?), hour, day/s). So people can choose their preference, such as hourly quota, quota for every 6 hours, daily quota, and so on.

Ok thanks. I will keep using throttled sending from my sending servers for now.
But let me know if there's an updated options for this in the future.

Also another question, a bit OOT.
I am thinking of moving to a new domain (won't use old domain anymore), but I'm curious about the license.
Do I need to change domain license? If so where can I change it?
Many thanks!