The strangest problem - Mailwhizz and Amazon SES


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Hi there,

I have encountered the strangest of problems and I cannot get my head around it.

I have two sending and tracking domains (we shall call these domain A and domain B) and mailwizz is installed on a third domain (domain C). Everything appears to be properly configured and verified with both Mailwizz and Amazon SES.

The problem is, when I select domain A to send from, it sends from domain B. Also the unsubscribe link is domain B.

The opposite occurs when I send from domain B, it sends from domain A with unsubscribe link being domain A.

Has anyone else encountered this issue?
Have you come across this before? The domains are managed in Cpanel. Would it be with cpanel or AWS?
@Ross - nope, i haven't seen this till now, this is why i'm thinking this is some sort of configuration issue.

I think maybe the issue is the way the tracking domains are associated with delivery servers and then maybe you also select a tracking domain in campaigns area? And maybe you also select a delivery server, or more, to send that campaign?
I guess these are the first things you should look into.

If the above gives no results, you can open a support ticket and we can look into this if you wish, though it might take a while as right now we're pretty swamped.