the Preheader does not work


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I've tested several times. Even when not using any punctuation, the text I enter into the preheader does NOT show up on the emails that are sent.

I'm pretty certain I'm using the most current version of Mailwizz as I just purchased it less than a week ago.


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@cottercat - Did you check your email source to see if the email header is in the source? It should be the first thing after the opening body tag:
Screenshot 2021-04-06 at 11.53.30.png


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@twisted1919 , No, it's not there. None of the html in your screenshot is there. My system seems to be missing important styling code for the campaigns. Could you send me the code for what SHOULD be there so I can create a template that includes the prehead?

I have nothing with css. Nothing with prehead.

This is the only code the system puts into my template:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<head><meta charset="utf-8"/>
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@twisted1919 I did send an email (several emails in fact), and that is why I know the preheader isn't there. And I don't see it in the source code for the email OR for the templates.

What is the exact code I need to add to my templates to ensure the preheader shows in the email?


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@twisted1919 I was able to fix this by copying the code from a friend's mailwizz account. Somehow the code got overwritten in my account when I was adding templates. Thank you for your help... I consider this issue CLOSED. :)