'The campaign({type}) called "{campaignName}" has been sent!'


Hey guys....Look This.
I have a problem to translate the following phrase:

'The campaign({type}) called "{campaignName}" has been sent!' => 'A campanha({type}) chamada "{campaignName}" foi enviada com sucesso!',

Its already translated in the messages campaigns.php file but it is not working in the backend and customer overview. Still showing in english. In what file i can directly translate that?

Yes. The whole app is already translated but the related phrase is not working. I already have it translated but it still showing in english in the backend and customer interface. None of you had this issue?
I'm a bit confused. You have entries that show what you want them to, what exactly is your issue? Can you run 4 campaigns and then show what the recent activity timeline shows?
Hello. This appearing at "Recent Activity". No matters how many campaigns i send. Now another phrase which is not translating too:

The subscriber having the email address "EMAIL" has been successfully unsubscribed from the "LISTNAME" list!

@Bruno - Those phrases are stored in english language in database, they are translated before they are saved and shown in that dashboard area, so if you don't translate certain phrase, it will be saved in english language in the database and shown like so even if you later translate it, case in which, after translation, only records from that point will be translated in your language.
it also matters if the customer for which these logs are registered has the right language set from his account info.