the best options for speeding up mailwizz



i know this topic has been somewhat covered a fair bit, but of what i've read i have not really made up my mind of the best course of action to take.

What i want to achieve, is the ability to put out at the upper limits, of what i will be doing, a volume of 100,000k per hour or so. To have multiple emails and segments going out at the same time.

I have the server specs to cover these requirements, but in terms of configuring mailwizz itself to do this, please can someone confirm whether parallel processing is a necessary step to take? I have seen some discussion that it may not fulfill my requirements above.

Also regarding a redis server - is this necessary? Would this be installing redis on the server mailwizz sits on, or a seperate SMTP server for outgoing email - wasnt 100% on this? Also could this be installed with a mailwizz full of data and campaigns, if sitting on the mailwizz hosting server?

Any other suggestions are welcome!


Can you please post your server specs, where mailwizz will be hosted(CPU / RAM / HDD / SSD)?
How about smtp server, what will you be using? Is the smtp server hosted on same machine as mailwizz?
If separate machines, how's the latency between the two?

Let me know about the above and we can pick it up from there.

hosted on a linode;
Linode 8GB 8 GB 6 Cores 192 GB SSD 8 TB 40 Gbps 1000 Mbps - flexible to go higher if necessary of course

The SMTP servers will be a mix of 3rd party solutions and power MTA servers all hosted elsewhere and not on the same server as mailwizz. Mailwizz will sit seperately hosted elsewhere

latency hasn't been tested thoroughly as yet

I am using mandrill as SMTP and total sending already 600k with good reputation. in Mandril panel show my sending limit is 140,000 per hour.
however in campaign sending static, it show estimation delivery is 4 days for sending to 30,000 . so confuse
Twisted. Found yesterday send to 30k list only completed after 12 hours. Mandrill support provide below statement

I've taken a look at your account and it looks like we only received approximately 3,000 requests per hour. So with that said, we do have some things for you to consider that can optimize how your system sends us email which may speed things up.

  • Since you're sending bulk or very similar mail, using a template with merge tags for dynamic content can help speed sending up by reducing the amount of data you're streaming to Mandrill for each individual message. Even if your template only includes the header, footer, and general information, it can reduce the amount of data being sent for individual recipients.

  • Since you have recipients who are receiving the same content, batching themtogether so that you only make one API call with the same/similar content will significantly impact the sending speed. If you send us multiple smaller batches, we can process the messages in multiple threads so ultimately your emails are making it out to our sending servers faster.

  • The "async" option should also be used. This means that instead of keeping the API connection open while Mandrill processes the entirety of an individual message, we'll accept the data and process it asynchronously. With the volume you wish to send, using async will almost certainly speed up how quickly an individual API call can be completed, which then means that you'll be getting more messages to us in the same amount of time.

  • Mandrill does not impose any sort of call limits or throttling when using the API, though calls must be less than 25 MB in size.

  • If you're connecting over SSL, in particular, reusing a connection would be recommended, as it can decrease the overall time to complete an API call. Each time you open a new connection, the SSL handshake, for example, has to occur, which isn't significantly long for an individual call but can add up quite a bit when you're making so many API calls in a short period of time.
Also check with hosting support. No issue.

May I know if any setting in Mailwizz need to change ?
@daris - What's your server specs? (ram / cpu / ssd / hdd)
Try to put subscribers at once to 300, campaigns at once to 10 and rest of the settings to 0.