Thanks! What an awesome product and support!

It's really nice to read things like this. I am just a user like anyone else, but for people like twisted and other who responds to a lot of questions, this must be very nice to read. Especially nice since there has been some whining from a couple of persons the last few days.
So in all: very nice statement indeed! I am sure that those who respond will be even more positive to respond to both you and others after reading this.
(and by the way: I agree with what you wrote :) )
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Agreed...some folks you can give the answer three times and they will still claim it does not work or was not explained. On the other hand, sometimes one's mind is in another space and focus might be hard, which is when one should outsource the problem solving, and if that is not anymore perceived, a break is in order ;)

PS: Here you can post about the moment you fell in love with mailwizz, just describe what awestruck you!

PPS: Sorry, forgot to add: I am VERY grateful to all of you who let me learn so much about mailwizz and mailing in general!
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