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Karl Hopkins

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We recently did a plain text email at a request for a client, we have a custom footer which there is an example below. We where surprised to see a few issue's with the text footer when we where testing.

Original Footer:-
If you consider this spam, Click Here

How our footer appeared in text email:-
If you consider this spam, Click Here
Residential Landlord

Cliffside Court West Hill

Dartford Kent DA1 2EF

United Kingdom


Now our first question is whats with the extra spacing & how do we fix this as it looks terrible.

How do we get the [UNSUBSCRIBE_URL] that is in the 'spam, click here' href tag to display on the text version, as at present there is no unsubscribe link for those people are unfortunate enough to receive the text version.

Are we missing a setting somewhere or is this something that needs to be developed for a future update.
@Karl Hopkins - We ran some tests and here are results most of the time:

HTML version:
Screen Shot 2019-04-10 at 10.11.36 AM.png

Plain text version:

Screen Shot 2019-04-10 at 10.11.51 AM.png

As you can see the text is looking decent enough.
I think there is too much html and when we parse it we end up with more spaces than we would like, but that should not be a problem as long as the text is readable.