Temporary-Error in delivery logs after upgrading to latest version


I just upgraded to the latest version today, I was running an older version a few sub points below this.

After upgrading, I am getting 100% sending failure when I try to send campaigns.

The campaign delivery logs say "Temporary Error" for each email (backend).

And the campaign delivery report (customer side) also says "temporary error".

I dont know if there is a way to get a more precise error message.

Any ideas why this would be failing after the upgrade?

I switched "use queue" to off, other than that I didnt change any settings.
error-1.jpg error-2.jpg


P.S. I am receiving the "confirm delivery server" emails when I make changes to the delivery servers, but just not the campaign emails.

Also no messages are being given to exim, as the exim mail queue doesn't increase at all.
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@Vroom - weird, can you try putting attached (unzip first) in apps/console/commands folder to override existing file then try again?


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