Technical : Using Mailwizz as email marketing company?


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Lets suppose my email marketing company is called "companyx" which serves client a, client b and client c.

mailwiz is installed on (not any subdomain)

Obviously companyx does not send campaigns by itself but rather provides client a, b and c ability to send marketing campaings.

All clients use same amazon ses account in principal however companyx has created separate sending servers for each client a, b and c in mailwizz accordingly.
  1. Does company x domain itself need to set up any specific DKIMs / SPF records via "sending domains" of mailwizz?
  2. Does company x need to set up a tracking domain like
  3. Does company x need to verify "from email address" for itself in amazon SES?
  4. Does company x need to verify its "domain" in amazon SES?
  5. Does client a, client b or client c "from" email addresses need to be verified in amazon SES?
  6. Does client a, b or c DNS need to be incorporate any specific DKIMs / SPFs via "sending domains" of mailwizz
Thank you for your patience and answers.