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Dear twisted1919,

I really like mailwizz and your constant support for it.

I have a few questions regarding usage of mailwizz.
1. How can I change tags to each customer for instance instead of default site of mailwizz it should go to mydomain1.com for customer 1 when unsubscribe tag is clicked. For customer 2 mydomain2.com etc...
2. Where in my site I should place what to redirect from email to my site for subcribing or unsubscribing
3. In my template campaign I want to put web version how can i put the link for it and create that page in my web site.
4. When I put unsubscribe text and link it the template asks for using the [UNSUBSCRIBE] how can I bypass it, coz I want client to see linked text not all the link
5. Give me some help how can I use Google analytics in my campaigns with your script
6. Where can i create newsletters simple and mobile friendly, any portal you know?

Thanks for posting these here, they are great questions and can help others :)

1. You should look into tracking domains for this. With tracking domains, you can assign each customer a custom domain and all the links in their emails will use the assigned domains. Please read the section from Backend -> Domains -> Tracking domains and note that you need a dedicated ip for the host where mailwizz is installed.

2. Have a look here, we have an extension for that :)

3. In the template step of the campaign, above the editor, you have a button that says: Available tags. Clicking on it will show you what tags you can use in the template. For the web version, the tag is simply: [WEB_VERSION_URL] and you can place it in template as a link.

4. From Backend -> Settings -> Campaigns -> Template Tags you can decide which tags are required and which not.

5. Simple, you have a button in the template step of the campaign, under the main editor, that says Google UTM tags and you can insert a pattern there as shown in the example you will see in after pressing the button.

6. No idea about that, you could try themeforest.net and get some from there.

Please check this quesiton again, I also have the same problem. All the tags that require Subscriber URL and Campaign URL displays the full link in the customers email.

How can I wrap the generated campaign url in a name link such that it it the link name that shows and not the entire URL in the receiver's email. If you use [CAMPAIGN_URL]. You discover that it displays all the URL in full in the email and not a name which can be clicked before they are taken to the URL

4. When I put unsubscribe text and link it the template asks for using the [UNSUBSCRIBE] how can I bypass it, coz I want client to see linked text not all the link

What do you advise please ...???
@Samuel Osoba
Switch the editor in source mode and enter:
<a href="[UNSUBSCRIBE_URL]">unsubscribe</a>
then switch it back into visual.

Since you get a wysiwyg editor, then you can also explore it in order to understand how links can be added and so on ;)
I already tried using the <a href> element in the source code to attempt this before I posted this error! Sorry I didn't mention it. But find attached the error screenshot when you click on the unsubscribe link in the mail. I observed that the app did not extract the url of the template into the a href element even after referencing tag.

IMG URL - http://postimg.org/image/hohka9ron/

How else could you think one can approach this, I already tried this before...?
HuhhhhH!!!!! Tried and tried and tried and tried ... same thing .. same error...

I observe that error I have the error in the screenshot above is still the same. I have checked and checked and checked. And this even the code I have on that line where the ahref element is : THis thing is turning me into a development newbie... here is the code: Been stuck here all day because of this small thing, I code the entire template myself. Please help look into. It appears to be an decoding related problem on the email client receiving the message.

But then, it ultimately seem like a limitation on the part of the mailwizz app. What im saying are all suspicions, I stand to be corrected. Just thinking out loud you know::... any work arounds... :

<p style="margin:1em 0px;padding:0px;color:rgb(32,32,32);font-family:Helvetica;font-size:10px;line-height:125%;text-align:center;"><span style="color:#FF0000;"><a href="[UNSUBSCRIBE_URL]">UNSUBSCRIBE</a></span></p>
Let's cut this short, PM me with backend login to mailwizz and the customer/campaign to test against.
I also observe when you mouse over the link in link in outlook, it just shows the "[UNSUBSCRIBE_URL]" tag instead of the full url in the on-mouse over tip.

Then why I tried sending a copy to GMAIL, it completely stripped the test of the URL completely, making it look like a plain text.
I literally have no idea what are you doing there, seems like you try to send plain text emails, with some features available only for html campaigns, very weird.
See my above post because you made me really curious ;)
Well! no doubts. I could be messing things up because of my frustration. U can imagine scaling a major design hurdle and been frustrated by a tiny href element. Already gave you a PM. Thanks
Thanks my fault! I was actually sending out test email from within template design menu and testing it using the send test email feature which usually will not access the list and campaign functions required to display the URL of campaigns.

Solution to test the template in a CAMPAIGN scenario probably using a test list of a segmented list contact.