Synchronising with MySQL Server


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Thanks for the 1.3.5 update, I am currently in the process of updating.

I imported my websites users using the MYSQL import, since then I have sent out plenty of emails, thus some users have unsubscribed.

1) IF I were to "RE"-import our users using the same database/table (as more people have registered with our website since last time I imported) into the same mail whizz list, will the users that are unsubscribed within MailWhizz turn subscribed again? Or will they stay unsubscribed/blacklisted? The reason I am asking is I don't want to email people who have unsubscribed once but I need to update Mail Whizz with new registered members.

2) This is the only way I know how to keep mail Whizz up to date with our websites users,Is there another way of updatingor do I need to run the above every couple of weeks to make sure my websites newest users are added to my MailWhizz list.

1. If an email address exists into the list and you import again, then it will not change it's current status, so if it is blacklisted, it will remain like so.

2. Yes, you should def. use the API for this. With the api, when whatever subscriber goes into your website, you use the api and send it to mailwizz list, thus you don't have to do this once at x weeks.
You can find more about the api here: and you are interested into: