@Jim Elliott - Since this feature is super new, we don't have docs for it yet, we will add as soon as possible though.
What you need to know now is that you can create the survey in survey area, then include a link to it in your campaigns so people can reach your survey and fill it in.
@Jim Elliott - For now the survey feature is super simple, you create your survey with the questions you want and then include the url to the survey in your campaigns by using the [SURVEY:{UID}:VIEW_URL] tag. Then you get stats related to the survey in the survey overview. Of course, survey are powerful with conditional fields and all that and connected to the list of subscribers the campaign has been sent to.
@Jim Elliott - That is only the general info for the survey. Once you click save changes you will be able to add fields to the survey, see survey overview, etc..
May I suggest that surveys are also available as "stand alone" so they could be placed on a website independently of a mailing campaign. This would be really superb
I don't get what you mean. I need to create email field in my survey form???
I thought email address will be automatically tracked because we put our survey link in our email campaign. And we blast our campaign to the list.
Has this been made available yet? I want to do a survey but it won't be useful if I can't see which email address received the survey.
Yes this is available, email address is showed when a subscriber submit a survey.

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