Super Fast Sending


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We are achieving 20,000 per minute now, could this be configured to 1 million as stated before, or even higher?

1.5 TB Dedicated Server
16GB Ram
AMD Opteron
8 Cores x 2.6 GHz

We have 8 dedicated mail servers for ip rotation if this helps, and plan on tripling in the next week.
For tech services, pls PM, thx.

Alex Read

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1) How the heck are you getting so many emails to send to! 20m/hour.
2) How are you verifiying that many. That's crazy!


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@frm.mwz - at 20mil - that's the size of a small country! :) Wow.
It is global though. Simply assume some have hundreds/thousands of customers with their own lists, and they need to send to their subscribers each. That adds up. No magic. Just their normal op.
It is small compared to the traffic of certain websites or service providers, which send billions per month. They all need reliably (speed) adjusted technology (after all authentications are set correctly, and country rules followed).