I have a few comments:
1- when I configured an SMTP server for a customer I will not allow the customer to modify the server or has access to this config
2- lot of times, when the customer is about to send a campaign, suddenly the campaign will be paused despite the quota is for example (20%), the send does not include except I reinstalled the quota
3- when the customer makes a sending for 2 lists the system creates a 3 rd merged list and when he want removed this list campaign also removed, is there a possibility of not making a 3rd mergede list?

#1 - Okay, you can allow the customer to edit his server or you can lock the server so that the customer cannot edit it.
#2 - If the campaign gets paused it means the customer reached some kind of quota, as defined in the group. If you say that sending is still at 20% then you should check the timing settings in which he is allowed to send emails.
#3 - No.