Suggestion: Try to refresh Segment only at midnight 12am everyday, Instead of Realtime refresh during sending on segments.

Hi Team,
I have a suggestion for you. Its better to refresh segment everyday at 12am midnight instead of Realtime. Due to Realtime segment processing it takes too times to process and send mails on segmentation.. But if you refresh segmentation using cron jobs at 12 am midnight it will refresh all segment and then when we will try to execute campaign on segments it treat segments as a list and process mails faster.

Segmentation takes times because its search records based on the segmentation conditions Realtime while sending. for example sending campaigns of 30 days openers of list the Mailwizz process the 30 days openers of the list process and refresh the same and then executed the campaign on the segments.. But when you already refresh and filter the same 30days openers at midnight then you not need to refresh at Realtime, So there is no need to refresh segments again while sending on segments because its already refreshed at midnight 12am and it makes mails execution on segments faster as like lists.

Because in my case Mailwizz takes approx 5-10 mins to execute mails on list of 1,00,000 subscriber
But when i use to send on segmentation then it will takes approx. 40-50 mins to execute mails on list of 1,00,000 subscriber

Its a huge difference..