Suddenly not sending


No changes have been made to the software or the server. I just noticed it's suddenly not sending. I saw today's weren't received in my inbox and didn't even realize Friday never fully sent either.
What might cause this to hang up?
I have other software on this server that is functioning as expected.


PathLabTalk Newsletters   Campaigns.png
From backend > settings > cron, try to Adjust campaigns at once to yes, this will allow mailwizz to do some adjustments automatically.
Thanks, they are all still pending. It usually only takes a few minutes to send all of them. I canceled one and added it back, still in Sending (0%) status.
Can you check your cron jobs where you have added them are they still there?
You should also ask your hosting what's going on, why your cron jobs don't run anymore.
Thanks, I'll contact them. These are the setting, again, I have not touched them. Do they look correct?
PathLabTalk Newsletters   Settings.png
yes, they are fine.

My hunch is your hosting company updated PHP and screwed your cron jobs in the process.
Here is their response:

We checked your mail services and everything is running OK. There are no blocking rules on your SMTP ports. We can also verify that the Cronjobs are not edited and there are no error messages in the logs regarding your Newsletter application.

You need to contact the software developer about this and if they require any changes in your server, let us know and we will be happy to help you apply any changes.

Any suggestions?
One last thing before asking access, if you go in backend > misc > cron jobs history, do you see send-campaigns cron job running recently?
Yes, it looks like they are running.

Command Action Status Duration Memory usage Date added Options

send-campaigns index Success 0.95 seconds 0 B 1/7/20, 12:42 PM
send-transactional-emails index Success 0.08 seconds 2 MB 1/7/20, 12:42 PM
send-campaigns index Success 0.6 seconds 0 B 1/7/20, 12:41 PM
send-campaigns index Success 0.81 seconds 0 B 1/7/20, 12:40 PM
send-transactional-emails index Success 0.1 seconds 2 MB 1/7/20, 12:40 PM
bounce-handler index Success 0.24 seconds 2 MB 1/7/20, 12:40 PM
feedback-loop-handler index Success 0.13 seconds 2 MB 1/7/20, 12:40 PM
send-campaigns index Success 0.77 seconds 0 B 1/7/20, 12:39 PM
send-campaigns index Success 0.85 seconds 0 B 1/7/20, 12:38 PM
send-transactional-emails index Success 0.06 seconds 2 MB 1/7/20, 12:38 PM
send-campaigns index Success 0.65 seconds 0 B 1/7/20, 12:37 PM
I asked at least 3 times, the server folks said all is well.
I gave it one last shot, begging them to take a closer look.

"This has been fixed. Further investigation shows that your Delivery Server was inactive."