Successful send event hook

Pablo Oliva

New Member
We would like to add some custom code that executes once a campaign is successfully sent. Is there a hook that exists that can help us with this, or would you suggest another approach?

Thank you.
@Pablo Oliva - You can hook into the 'console_command_send_campaigns_campaign_sent' action:
Yii::app()->hooks->addAction('console_command_send_campaigns_campaign_sent', function($campaign){
    // do whatever with $campaign.
@twisted1919 I am implementing this action within an extension and it is hooked only into the console and there is no need for settings administration from the backend. My question is, since we don't need to make any settings available to the user or the backend administrator, do I still need to implement a backend controller, view, etc. if I am only hooking into the console?