"Subscribers that did not open the campaign" Feature


Hi Twisted,

Wanted to send you this quick question via pm , but your confirmation
may surely help to other users.

Suppose that my first email went to segment "Bla Bla" (100 subs),
from the list "XYZ" (1000 subs).

Now, i want to re-send to unopeners of that first email
(70 unopeners out of those 100).

Am i right at creating a new campaign this way?...

1) List "XYZ"
2) Segment "Bla Bla"
3) Final step, send to people who didn't open the previous email


Just wanted to confirm is this is ok.

Finally, are unsubscribes taken into consideration for the second email right?

(example: out of those 70 unopeners, i may got many unsubs).

Thanks once again,