Subscribers actions in Lists - misspelling


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i found a little error in the line bellow (also see the attached screenshot). I believe there should be " ... subscribe him to that list too."

"When a subscriber will subscribe into this list, if he exists in any of the lists below, unsubscribe him from them too. Please note that the unsubscribe from the lists below is silent, no email is sent to the subscriber."

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It's actually correct.
First tab handles unsubscribe when subscriber subscribes in another list(s).
Second tab handles unsubscribe when subscriber unsubscribes from another list(s).
Keep in mind that the only action that is taken is to unsubscribe, in both cases. There's no automatic subscription happening there, just unsubscription.
And if i want a subscriber to subscribe in list A but also to have him subscribed in list B?
That ain't going to work. As i said, it works only for unsubscribe.
Subscribe is more complex since the custom fields from a list might not match the ones from another list and then it would require considerable work to sync them.
but i can copy them from list A to list B, and when they unsubscribe from A they will unsibscribe from B and viceversa right?