Subscriber count reset to 0??


Someone seems to have a similar issue with the credit count but in my case, it's the subscriber count which isn't correct...

The count in the list /customer/index.php/lists/index

It nows displays 2 for a list that was at 47+ yesterday, and that is actually at 75 today...

Something is broken in the way counts are updated.
The counters are cached and once per hour that cache is corrected. It is impossible to get the counters in real time from the database each time the user access the counters page.
That's not the problem, the problem is that the counters go 0 -> 47 -> 0 -> 120 -> 0 -> 179, basically at one point it's getting "reset" and then get the real updated value after that.

I wouldn't mind if the counter were just 1 one hour behind, but they get reset before displaying the updated value, i.e. sometime display absolute BS data.