subscriber count questions


Hi - I imported some subscribers into a list I already had subscribers in

The count went up from 14k to about 15k

when I go to lists, I can see my lists subscriber count as 15,485

But when I go to campaigns > create new > list (to select the list I want to send to) then it shows my list name and only 14910 subscribers

Any idea why this could be the case..


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Only confirmed subscribers are counted in campaigns, the ones that have any other status are not.


I import them all as confirmed

do the unsubscribes still show near the list total ? but when we go to send a campaign to the list then we see the list total minus the unsubs etc?


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MailWizz 2.0 Tester
what about the account limit?
if a client have a plan up to 5k subscribers, how they are count?
bounce, unsubscribed, blacklisted, etc... will still count?

for example if a cliente have a 5k plan, and he have 4k bounces, will have only 1k available to complete the plan limit?