Subscribe to multiple lists


I have a client who wants to subscribe his sign-ups to two lists using the same form. How do I go about doing this?

ok.. i'm a little bit unclear about the use of the SDK, are there any parts that need to be installed on the server running mailwizz?
Not necessary, the SDK is aimed to developers, they could use it to create custom integrations, like the one you need it, so you'd need someone that knows PHP and has some experience working with apis.
@Kerry Panchoo
The example with ajax subscribe that i gave you above is everything they need to know. The SDK contains a lot of examples, if they can't use that it means they are not devs ;)
Is there a simple subscribe method where you can pass in API Key, user's email, List Id, optional first and last name
When you call the SDK like:
$listUid = 'LIST-UNIQUE-ID';// you'll take this from your customers area, in list overview from the address bar.
$endpoint = new MailWizzApi_Endpoint_ListSubscribers();
$response = $endpoint->create($listUid, array(
'EMAIL' => isset($_POST['EMAIL']) ? $_POST['EMAIL'] : null,
'FNAME' => isset($_POST['FNAME']) ? $_POST['FNAME'] : null,
'LNAME' => isset($_POST['LNAME']) ? $_POST['LNAME'] : null,
It basically does something similar, but of course sends along proper auth data and all.