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Hi @twisted1919 ,

I just purchased the subscriber by email plugin.

In the setup page, it asks for 'email address' but how would I set an email address is using the parse TO option as the would be different so what should I set in the email field?

Your help file does not address this question..
Thanks buddy !
Ok so im having a bit of a issue here.

I've created '' as a email forward which pipes to '/apps/extensions/subscribe-by-email/worker.php'

CPanel says this is ok. I have changed my first line of working.php to '#!/usr/local/bin/php' which is my path to php and that is the path I have to use for all PHP scripts.

When I go a list > forms I see the following ...

» Subscribers can be added to this list by sending an email at with the subject Subscribe. does not exist ..... so I assume I have to create a catch-all address for * and tell it to forward all emails to is this correct? as without the catchup sending an email to fails.
@Jamie Whittingham @twisted1919

It works for me with general list and subject code for when the list is on SOI, but without any confirmation email (which would be better to make sure the requester knows what happened).

For DOI it seems it does not work for on bahlaf of emails (ie when gmail has an alias, e.g. sent by In such case,
the new sub hangs in unconfirmed status, but no email with confirmation link comes back for the final click and final email confirming DOI status.

Further, when clicking profile update, it shows also the field data from the first record in the list along with the new address (as if it had copied the first sub except email).

Please have a look into it, @twisted1919
thx :)
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is the catch-all the bit im missing
Seems from your above description the catch all is not yet setup.
In cPanel
the fwd to pipe can be setup here (as you did) /frontend/paper_lantern/mail/fwds.html
while the catch all can be created here /frontend/paper_lantern/mail/def.html