Stop autoresponder by custom field Date

Fred W.

New Member
Hi folks.
I have a mailing list that has a custom field of [eventdate]. I do mailings to brides and once their wedding date is past then I would like to stop mailing them. Is there a way in the system to have an autoreply only fire for a list member if the current date is < the [eventdate] or better yet just unsubscribe them all together.

I searched the forum and could not find a solution so my apologies if I missed something, I'm new to Mailwizz too.

@Fred W. - You can use segmentation.
Below is an example ( Value [DATE] -> will be transformed into the current date in the format of Y-m-d (i.e: 2019-09-03) ):Screenshot 2019-09-03 20.33.58.png