Spikes in Google Postmaster User Reported Spam


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Hi there,
So we have been trying to make our email marketing campaign successful. We have been warming up for over a month now but in the last week I noticed huge spikes in the google postmaster `user reported spam` tab while on AWS reputation metrics our complaint rate is 0.06% . What could be the reason !? We have everything setup right,all DNS, dkim etc. our mail-tester.com score comes 9.5 [it is not 10 because we use AWS], we have an unsubscribe button, we clean out lists !! What could be going wrong? Our open rate is down from 22% to 7%, and we are getting no clicks. We are currently sending to only Gmail emails in our list. Our domain reputation was lowed from high to medium. I fear the spam rate spikes are the reason and we may already be going into spam [although when we send the emails to our team we are receiving them in promotions]. Attaching the postmaster and email screenshots for you guys to analyze. Feel free to ask any other stat, your feedback, replies and suggestions are very much appreciated. Thank you.


Email Image in two parts, sorry for the image quality:

Hi Charan,

You have setup everything in your DNS it doesn't mean your Emails will land to Inbox and not going to Spam.

You can see from 9 days report, 5 days users reported your Email as Spam and its showing high rate like 8%, 11%

Try to reduce this spam rate, else it will down your domain reputation very soon.

When you do warmup, send Emails to your own subscribers only and make sure they not mark you as spam.