Speed sender begin to decline!

Hi, guys. @Rob nice to meet to you.

I have some problem in some servers with using SSD hard disk and Maill Wizz MDP daemon, in the
beginning my server send 8 emails per second, but now after one week, the speed fall to 2 emails per second. Its too much. And i have this sending with the same campaign and same template. Need help to check what happen and what I can do on the server.
Strange that when I realize reboot the server it starts sending fast, but then again falls sending to 2 emails per second.


Henrique Mancilha
What is MDP?

Can you provide details of your server setup, both hardware and software including versions?
My server set up is:
Core Intel Core2Quad Q9300
Hard Drive 60GB Kingston KC300 SSD
CentOS 6.6 - 64 Bit
PHP version: 5.3.3
Alright i will do that. And what better configuration with server setup, both hardware and software version, you recommend for using MDP daemon to have fast speed send??
How are you sending emails out? Your own SMTP server, an web API? Whatever is causing the slow down is in my opinion 99% likely to be something other than MW. Once you've done the upgrade see what happens. After that you will need to monitor your outbound email activity, you should be aware that the throttling can also come from the destination you are sending the emails to, all depending on how you are sending them out.
My own SMTP Server. But strange its i send last week in the same SMTP server with the same campaign, 8 emails per second and now its fell to 2 emails. The twisted told me install in Centos 7 with some version php and using something else instead of mysql, but he tell me in ticket and i will have access only next week when he returns from vacation.
You think MDP (directy pickup) its the better way to send emails more fast? better than redis?
Redis is the fastest way to send emails. If you've already had advice from @twisted1919 on the setup you should follow that to be honest.