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Hey Just got everything upgraded trying to use my sparkpost acct for mailing.

for some reason I am unable to get the validation email to set the server to active so that I can begin testing.
no I cant get the backend validation email for the server to be activated delivered to me. I have tried many different email addresses.

FYI just updated to version yesterday.
Yeah but do you get any error in mailwizz when you try? Or is it saying that it has been sent but you never receive it?
Did you also look into your SP dashboard ?
Nothing going to SP dashboard yet. Let me be a bit clearer on what I am asking.

I created the server and am trying to validate it in the MW Backend (see attached)

This is the email that wont come to my email. So that I can have the server set to active in MW backend


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Yes i got what the issue is, the idea here is that that validation email is going to be sent via SparkPost, so when you input the email address where the email should come, and you click the send button, what does mailwizz says?
No error at all. In Sparkpost portal shows no delayed deliveries, no rejections, no bounces. Nothing in MW or SP to show my why this is failing. I double checked the API Key and permissions on the API key they are all correct.
I see, i have just tested sparkpost now and seems to have a delay in messages as well, so maybe it's something on their end? You can open a support ticket and ask, since the implementation works just fine as i have used it internally for a while now.
Can you point me to the API config files for SparkPost? what are your thoughts on them for deliverability? I will get a ticket open now with them and find out whats up just want to be able to provide whatever info I can if they ask without having to post and ask.
OK thats exactly what I did. Created a second one as well same result. So then I created a sendgrid using my credentials there and I am getting same results when I attempt to validate the server. So I am pretty sure MW is causing this how can I get the validation email log to see what error might be?
I doubt there is any error you can find if you don't get any error while validating.
You can have a look in Backend -> Misc -> application log for more, maybe you can find something there.
P.S: Do you get any message at all while you validate the server?
Looked in log nothing there. Its interesting when I press validate button no action is taken almost like the validate button goes no where when I enter an email address and click the button. I am attaching screenshot of my config.
Sendgrid validation email arrived!! Now set to active. Both SP servers validation emails have not arrived.


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This is indeed weird. If you don't get the SP email after all, PM me with backend login to your app so i can look at.