Sparkpost server creation error when testing server

Tiago Barbosa

New Member
When i try create the sparkpost server the mwz is returning this error:
POST to webhook target URL failed with non-2xx response code 500

My sparkpost account is fully configurated. Any ideas?


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Looking at the logs i don't see anything related to sparkpost.
can you please empty the application log and then try to enable sparkpost once again so that it shows you the same error? then go to application logs and see what it's there.
P.S: removed the log file for privacy reasons :)
Hi, in mandrill panel have webhooks, but in spark panel no:
You haven't configured any webhooks. Let's make it happen.

Can I manually create?
@Tiago Barbosa - No, mailwizz should be able to create that automatically for you.
Do you think you can PM me with app login info and sparkpost login info so that i can figure out what happens ?
What is your email? I'll send to you all access. I've updated the status field to ACTIVE on the table mw_delivery_server and now the mwz is sending by spark, but it's wrong because no webhook was created in the correct way.
In this case it was the PHP version on the server.
Users using a php version >= 5.3 won't reach this issue.
@Tiago : In Sparkpost, when you create subuser or new key, need to give permission to create webhook and all.