Sparkpost...error adding server



I am trying to configure sparkpost inside of mailwizz.. I have created an api key inside of sparkpost with all permissions and added the new server to mailwizz.. when I try to send a test email to validate the server then I get the following errors - Please note my domain is verified inside of sparkpost and it says ready to send (I added both spf and dkim to my domain and am sending from the same domain that is verified in sparkpost)

  • Cannot send the confirmation email using the data you provided.
  • Here is a transcript of the error message:
  • Invalid domain - Unconfigured or unverified sending domain.

not sure what happened but its all sorted now

I added my domain as and when i looked at the verify by email area inside of sparkpost then it looked a little strange.. its was like instead of

so I added my domain again but this time without the www and things looked better.. I still had the same error come through and then on the off chance it just worked and sent me the verification email

Im guessing there is a slight delay in the sparkpost system from when you validate the domain to being able to send emails.. Really not sure but my domain was always validated before attempting to email from it